Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Day Unity Earth Quake Prayer!

The entire purpose of this blog is to give thanks and celebrate the unified effort to get people to pray for earthquake victims. There is a great potential for using Twitter to bring real good into the world! How we will do so will require a lot of great minds sharing thoughts and then finalizing our best ideas. All ideas are welcome!

We want to thank the following Twitter folks for their contribution in our first effort to unify people in prayer. On behalf of Dan and myself from greatrgood and divinecontact, we send our gratitude and loving spirit to those who gave their support! Here goes:

Cityguyyoga, who immediately took up the cause early this week and gave his very kind and loving response.
Celestudio, who actually was the original inspiration to do this prayer request. She had also asked us to do a previous one, which we missed and followed up with this one instead.
Melodicowan, who has been a very kind and loving support from our earliest days on Twitter. Melodi believes in "living to love".
Bizzyfingers, who is courageously battling very difficult life circumstances but nonetheless finds time to support us and the Twitter community.
Idogood, who got the word out to the daily challenge community. I highly recommend visiting his website: Post a daily challenge for the community.
Girlfriendly, who has repeatedly included divinecontact quotes along with the prayer request for this Easter Sunday.
Sophie_Lhoste who is sending out so much good energy on Twitter and who has supported this prayer request.
LiveJoy, who has such a vibrant smile, spirit of selfless service and who has supported this effort -- a real Twitter tweet treat!
HMichaelHarvey, who sent out several posts within an hour of getting our last request. Michael has also very generously offered to help with an effort to help homeless organizations!
Alandavidson, a blogger on the eight ways of giving and a participant in this one way of giving!
Journeycoach, who offered to give a free informational interview and has been an early friend on Twitter.
ViriamKaur, a real support and fellow yogin who has also supported numerous others in the community.
Csread61, a new Twitter friend but a very responsive one as well!
MizpahMijares, who sent prayers all the way from Asia!
LifeCoachMary, who responded to an even earlier prayer request for Natasha Richardson.
Gregzencoach, who responded almost immediately to the initial emergency request, and offered a free informational conversation.
SueCartwright, one of our new and few followers of Greatrgood on Twitter (greatrgood is a new effort). Sue jumped in immediately with great love and concern!
SandraHopper who has not only supported divinecontact, but has consistently passed along quotes and inspiration from many Tweeters.
TruthsCompany, a new friend of ours who focuses on providing TeleSatsang and responded immediately to our prayer request.
Littlefoxy, who responded within a matter of hours to today's Easter prayer request.
Poligraf, who also responded immediately to today's prayer request and is the first follower on the divinecontact blog page.
Skashliwal, who responded with one very meaningful word: "done"!
Alexbunardzic, who responded with two very meaningful words: "Will do".
DharmaTweets, who also responded immediately and blesses the Twitter community with regular Buddhist oriented tweet treats!
Eyeampenelope, who is a new friend to divinecontact and was a support to today's effort.
SusanPowers who offered to retweet my message and is a fellow yogin on the journey to self-realization.
Richschooping, who also spread the word and runs seminars to help people discover their fearless spirit.
Keeneytax, who immediately responded to the first request. Kenneytax has been a continued support and provides a special loving presence on Twitter.
Butterflymaven, who has sent out a number of retweets, supported this effort and is clearly a loving presence to the Twitter community.
Meditationguru, who got tweeting immediately upon getting our first request. Meditationguru is a very early friend of divinecontact on Twitter.
Niswander, that is Dan Niswander, who is running greatrgood here on Twitter and is my partner in this effort. Dan has been amazingly dutiful and active in serving the greater good for many years.
Minnesohtan, who has joined greatrgood, and is a Unitarian Universalist, a group that has done many great deeds for our planet!
Wcweeks, A Christian and Lay Minister who appears to have many talents and a lot to share with the Twitter community.

To those not mentioned: Don't go away mad. In fact, don't go away at all! Contact us so that we can add you to this list and embrace your kind support!

Dan & Pete
Greatrgood & Divinecontact

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Twitter Earthquake Action Campaign

Greater Good United Began Officially on 3/31/09

How You Can Help!
There is a big difference between people knowing about the earthquake disaster in L'Aquila and doing something about this crisis. We are asking readers to join our efforts at getting people to move from awareness to action! All it takes is a few minutes a day. If everyone does a little, we can do a lot, a whole lot!

We need your help to create a call to action buzz on Twitter. All you need to do is to direct people to this blog; or, direct them to any other effective information source that you think could motivate a call to action. You can even create your own call to action blog if you like. Those short on time have our permission to copy and paste this blog and pass it along via E-mail or through any network of their choice.

H0w you can help on Twitter
1. Write updates to the community letting them know that The American Red Cross and The Italian Red Cross are accepting donations for earthquake victims. Some people do not follow mainstream media and may not know specifically how they can help. MAKE SURE TO USE THE WORD EARTHQUAKE IN YOUR UPDATE TO ATTRACT INTERESTED PEOPLE.
2. Do a search on the term "Earthquake". You can then contact posters as follows: R @theirusername (send them your message). You can ask them how they are helping or whatever you think is appropriate. Make sure to leave a space between their user name and your message.
3. Help spread the message that there will be a Twitter Community Prayer on Sunday @ 3:00 P.M. EST. That is, if you wish to promote prayer as well as action.
4. Send individual messages to your followers. If you approve of this blog, and wish to spread the word about this effort, you can give them the address of this blog:
5. Share your ideas with us!!! You may have a strategy that we could implement!

Possible Messages To Post:
"Hey Joe, please pass along the word that The American Red Cross is accepting donations for earthquake victims in Italy. Thanks!" (Joe may know this, but your message may prompt a response to make a donation". Then a chain reaction can lead others to do the same).

"Hey Joe, do you have any ideas about what we can do for the earthquake victims in Italy"? This might lead to a productive exchange of ideas as you build rapport. In addition to opening doors to prompt Joe to spread the word or donate, the two of you may come up with your own strategies about how to support the victims of this earthquake.

"Hey Joe, check out the Emergency Earthquake Blog:". (Do this only if you like what we are doing and want to specifically support our efforts with this blog).

"Hey Joe, join the Twitter community prayer for earthquake victims in Italy this Sunday at 3:00 P.M. EST." (This can really help us get the call to action buzz going on Twitter as well).

Here is a link that we found very useful which may wish to pass along as well.

Donate directly to The Red Cross

Special Thanks To The Following Tweeters:
Sandrahopper, cityguyyoga, Journeycoach, celestestudio, MelodiCowan, bizzyfingers, ViriamKaur, TerriZSoloCEO, StefanDrums, Butterflymaven, Girlfriendly, idogood and Suecartwright.

How to contact us on Twitter:
R @greatrgood (Then leave a space as shown and leave a message), or R @divinecontact (Then leave a space as shown and leave a message).